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Truth and Forgiveness


by Dana Janine Diamond

This year
I am starting to forgive
my ex-husband
for all the harm
he did
of course, it is not for me
to forgive
his evil deeds
toward others,
against my child.
and what is real
is that the best chance
he gave me
to forgive
him was in
dying young.
he tortured us
for too many years
and I could click my heels
now that he’s gone.
the rest of you
if you’re still alive
I wouldn’t hold my breath
are we supposed to ignore
the vengeful, angry God
who lives on
in all of us
should we pretend
there is only love
or are we meant
to emulate angels
who never move
their feet
are we never meant
to fly
across the horizon
will we ever see
all that is below and above…
we’re not done yet
so forgiveness is not
on the menu
this year
but I will sing
because I am moving
we are singing
my lips are praying
I have some measure
of happiness
and that is significant.
just one word
to the…
hey, God,
don’t close your eyes
on us
we have traveled
a year
and we are not there
are you

COPYRIGHT 2017 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com


Be Bold for Change


By Dana Janine Diamond 

How lucky are we
to not be
one of the five million
or girls
at any given
being sold
into sexual slavery
How they wish
they could
be bold
for change
how they need
to be
how they need
to just

On this morning
somewhere is a dream
a prayer
clinging to a girl
like a torn and tattered
she has likely lost
that we care
in God’s lightening game
of hide
and seek

We must find
these women
and girls
by the bold
light of day
never give
a way
to save them
heal them

We need
to be
so we can
hold out hope
for a gentle
to come
home to

Coins like stars
are everywhere
shining in the streets
as light blankens
the sky
we reach
out our hands
to pick
them up
pluck one
with pluck
in our palms
like a guitar pick
in search of
a key change
a shell
in need
of a sea change

They each have
a name
these bold women
and girls
we see them
we need to
tell them
they are not invisible
they have names
like stars
and ours

COPYRIGHT 2017 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com