​For my daughter Rosie on her birthday, with love

By Dana Janine Diamond 

Your great-grandmother came to
me in a dream
just after I lit a candle
for the Sabbath queen
in September 1999
and she told me
I would soon be a glowing bride
I waited my whole life
at least since I was sixteen
to name you
for her
I wish you could have met
roses strewn across
the generations
beautiful faces young and old
quelle belle, shaina punim,
love like diamonds
strong enough to cut through
sea glass gifted to the sands
by an ocean deep enough
to hold us all close
we are given herculean tasks
and we rise, we rise
above the waves
we are mermaids and druids and fairies and Jewish girls
we are magic and shooting stars
ever in motion
through the night skies and time
and you are stronger and braver
than any dream
she gave that to you
my faith is in our past
as much as our future
God knew what She was doing
when she gave roses tiny thorns
to protect her stunning beauty
you are every dream
serenading love

COPYRIGHT 2017 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com

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