By Dana Janine Diamond 

I’ve had this
center of gravity
for so long
now that it’s gone
I have no sense
of direction
when I wasn’t looking
God just up
and disappeared
on me
when an ordinary
or even an extraordinary
person breaks
your heart
you can find
your way back
to hope
even when faced
with the cruelty
of man
but it’s a different
matter entirely
when God
retreats and abdicates
I’ve been busy trusting
and you left us floating
in space

the world was created
from imperfection
an inconsolable stardust
and flew into my soul
she turned to Sorrow
keening, crying,
wandered out to sea,
lost for a time
returning luminous,
bedraggled and bereaved
now we’re adrift
space-sick, grief-struck
run aground
to know the unknown
desolate mystery
the stellar, the new
cannot grow
fallen on barren,
abandoned land
so we raced
the constellations
at long last
she rose to Lamentations
we cannot find you,
we cannot find you

COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com

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