Grace of Grey


By Dana Janine Diamond 

There are moments
I see light
her voice
clear and strong
these gifts must
have come from you
credit where credit
is due
the flip side
is farther than
it seems
stitching the quilt
dropping the pictures
in place
the unbearable, unwearable pain
no clothes, no skin,
sailing in a kaleidoscope 
we’re taking in
the unmeausurable sadness
the rain
is that your way
of saying you are sorry
you’re here now
you hear
I’m not letting
off the hook
but it’s pouring now
I’m going to take
that as a sign
grateful she’s alive
we are here
it’s loud and silent
at once
light glimmers
on the edge where
there are moments

COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to

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