By Dana Janine Diamond 

There aren’t enough
tears in the world
to catapult this timber
over the falls
wildwood and flowered teacups
are floating
amuck downstream
the weeds a quivering blur
while we’re in motion
a glimpse of the sun
casting light on the river
as if one day
dreams will be
breathing the sunset
for a moment
glowing through the trees
growing as we pass them by
now we are swimming
across lakes and oceans
back and forth
legs kicking, face
gasping for air
no particular rhythm
arms moving with
or without
as fast as we can go
but slow, slow, the secret
is slow
everyone is racing
while we’re stuck
fighting undertow
we’re the designated swimmers
punching through murky waters
battling evil
so the world can go on

COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to

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