By Dana Janine Diamond

Bombs are dropping
hearts exploding
and I need to travel
through time
to catch the terrorist
I hope he hasn’t committed
because I need to tear
him apart limb from limb
overnight I’ve become a hunter
I’m feeling feral
close to the glittering
eyes, close them
where is the good
seeking the good
it left home
home being all the souls
in the world
it slipped away
and we are all chasing
the enemy
we didn’t escape fast
this time
but eventually
we will out
run him
win the treasure
as the walls climb down
aching for us
brick and steel and stones
are crying out
but we are golden
light, rising up


COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com

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