Under a Pink and Orange Sky


By Dana Janine Diamond 

I’ve forgiven you
so many things
but I can’t forgive you this
I smile to the intricate skylight
I’m planning to turn my problems
over to you, while I
clean up your mess
I raise my hands
up to the blue skies
and part the clouds
I think God must be at war
with itself
the shadow is actually daylight
she’s struggling to fix
your mistakes
the whole story of the world
is wrong
this male power bullshit
and now America is caught up
between advancing the world
or taking it back a thousand years
all the women I know who
like Trump, hate their mothers
and the men, that’s always
been their problem
It comes down to a lack
of gratitude
my family is in the middle
of a war
it’s that sudden
and I smile
lusting for vengeance
I mean epic, hanging
in a town square
like Salem
or a trusty Auto de fe
as in Seville
but I’ll probably
have to ‘handle’ it
I’ll do the right thing
but I’m feeling some
pink testosterone
and it’s a powerful thing
I know what ails the world
it’s time for you
to step down off your throne
and let the women rule
for awhile. The party
is over
and we’ve got to get to work
Happy New Year

COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com

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