Well Water

Well Water

By Dana Janine Diamond


I need to see
and inspiring
early in the morning
when the tide
brings me treasures
lost at sea
I need the starfish and poetry


the message in a turquoise bottle
a single pearl
glimmering in the sand
I stop and gather shells
already have a basket full
of regrets and uncertainties
I write
to create my own happiness
I need to see something
a single canoe
in the lake


I rowed and rowed
for days
laying my paddle gently across
I disembarked
removed my life jacket
walked among the stones
and wildflowers
and now
I must go
to the river


to see as far
as the eye
can see
gently flowing
the surrounding rocks
are steep and treacherous
the reflections strong
like a fishing line
luring, again and again
ahead there is a riotous
flower meadow
bursting with love
I will lie beside
its pond
and dream


COPYRIGHT 2016 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to thejewishpoetess.wordpress.com

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