An Un-Love Song


An Un-Love Song

by  Dana Janine Diamond




I wake with tears


beneath the clouds


my soul may well have been there


it’s been a long, weary journey


from the mountain


to hear, to here.




I don’t know why she did it


why she converted to this religion


I don’t know why these women


chose a hard life in the corners


of the fields


maybe they just


wanted to be mothers


maybe they just


wanted to be daughters


maybe they just


missed their men


maybe they just


wanted to love






So we have their story


We have the poem


The love song of all love songs


We were there


when it was written


We were there


when it was told




I have loved


You God


with all my soul                                         


I have danced


to Your music


donned the costume


for Your play


I have stayed


the night


many nights


learning Your words


as if by candlelight


I have thrown myself


upon the rocks


for You


I have loved




have felt loved


by You


I was Your child


now grown


to half a life.




Once a man told me,


one of us is a rock


and one of us is a flower


Damn right I’m a flower.




he broke them


he broke them


I woke this morn


feeling the weight                                                                     


as they came crashing down


I want to dive into the crashing


waves, they’re waving me on


I want to live, to float


not knowing


where I’m going


never wanting to leave


we are the leaves


and the buds


and the honey


and the streams of milk


we are the land and the sea


Rising up to greet us


We are everything


and we are nothing




My heart is heavy                                                                    


those who worshipped idols


who worshipped the body of


both meat and milk


the cow is a female


but there are those


who do not understand


the precision of language


who do not distinguish


between a cow


and bull


They are here with us now


they are worshipping their cows


they are worshipping their bulls


they are worshipping themselves


they are burning us down


they are dancing around


burning our hearts


They are false idols in our midst




Our leaders, they have fallen so low


the women wrap


themselves in prayer shawls


and their eyes burn


on the other side


of the divide


the men throw tongues of fire


the women raise their children


and they know not


from where they came


they should have been scholars                     


they should have been leaders


they should have loved


the children


more than they loved themselves


they dropped us


they stomped on us


they stomped


all over


all over


all over






Our dog is barking


howling, growling


driving us mad


he sniffs out a fox


or some creature


he detests


on the edge


of our home


amongst the weeds


there is no peace


in our home


under the trees


we fall


to sleep


we are asleep.




I awake


this morn


with a heavy heart


the animals


have taken over


they have made


our children


the sacrifice


for which they received


no commandment


they have desecrated


The Holy of Holies


they have lied


and murdered our souls


I am here to tell the story


to write the poem


To cry, my heart,


To cry, my heart




Oh Jerusalem


We are burning


from their fire                                               


they have written


a new song


of rage


they remember the fire


and not the sea


they remember the fire


and not the stone


they remember the fire


and not the mountain


they remember the fire


and not the Glory


they remember the fire


and forget the stories,




there is no all-night toil


that can eradicate


the need for justice




She is crying in the streets


She is burning to the ground


She is weeping from there to here


muting the trumpets


to no avail


the tears have not,


are not, enough


to drown the fire


there will be no peace


until justice is done.




They have forgotten the poem


they have un-sung


our song.




COPYRIGHT 2013 Dana Janine Diamond ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See Copyright Notice pertaining to

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  1. Thank you for writing this…. I want to read it again and again, and I want to hear you read it. I want to watch these men step from the fire into the sea. I want them to be Nachshon who knows the women will dance…

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